It Makes You Feel Close to God!

Mike had been at Bay Shore his entire life when he met Liz. She was working in Housekeeping the summer of her freshman year of college and was a counselor at Primary Camp that same summer. Mike had been working in the camp office and was also counseling that same week. They soon began dating, but it was that week that Liz knew in her heart that Mike was the man she was going to marry. She knew he was a Christian, but seeing his servant’s heart as he cared for the Primary Campers is when she realized, “Wow! He’s not just a great guy that I’m dating, I could totally see him as a partner in ministry and a great dad.”

They’ve been doing children’s ministry now for 9 years and have three great kids, Josh, Lily and Bethany.

Every year, the whole family attends Family Camp and the kids attend summer camps as well. They love it.

Their son Josh, 14, has attended Primary, Primary Plus and Soccer Camp. Josh says, “For Soccer Camp, I’m a player. I’ve been playing for as long as I can remember. This is the best place for me to further my skills in a safe environment.”

Beth, Mike and Liz’s 12 old daughter, says about Soccer Camp, “We already knew what Family Camp was like, it’s that plus Soccer that’s got to be awesome! You’re surrounded by a lot of safe people, and a good environment where you feel welcomed AND you get to play soccer! It’s pretty good.”

Their youngest, Lily (age 10) “the one thing is with Soccer Camp, the one thing you should always expect afterwards is you’re going to be tired for like three days and sore. Both she and her sister Beth agree, “it is so much fun!”

Beth says that when you come to Bay Shore there’s always going to be one person you “click with.” Even if you come to camp knowing nobody, you’re going to “at least make five new friends.” You come to Bay Shore it’s very hard to not make new friends.

Beth and Lily, remember fondly their cabin leader, Allison, code name, “muffin” from the last couple of years. “She has been so fun.” “She has been encouraging, and she understands how we’re feeling.”

Josh remembers fondly, his Primary Plus counselor, Shane. “He was a really nice guy I could have fun with and he could understand me and be my friend.”

Beth summed it up this way. “A counselor can almost feel like an Aunt or an Uncle, they accept you and welcome you and get a really good appreciation for those people who volunteer to do that and you get such good memories from them so they came to help us, and they left us with memories from the kindness they showed us.”

The Mike and Liz Kuhl family attend, as well as help with, Family Camp every year.

Liz loves teaching the 4 year olds. “It is pure joy to see that next generation coming to know Jesus at an early age that it’s not just day care that is not what Family Camp is about. It’s a ministry. It’s teaching these kids.” “It’s showing them what God’s love is like.” She also loves that Bay Shore makes a way for everyone to come to camp regardless of their ability to pay the registration fee. And she really appreciates the staff who she says “give 110% every day and God’s love absolutely exudes from them” being friendly, kind and welcoming.

Mike grew up coming to Family Camp. He says, “There’s just something about Bay Shore.” “It’s almost like Holy Ground.” “It makes you feel close to God.”

It’s not just about Family Camp for Mike. He attended camp every year he was eligible. He was a counselor. Helped at the Auction. He gave his life to Christ at Senior High Camp. It was so transformational for him, that he made a firm commitment that “our kids will come to Bay Shore.” He says that he enjoys seeing his children “stack up memories” at camp.

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