1. Bunk Buddy Requests: We cannot guarantee all campers from the same church will be in the same cabin, but we do try to honor requests for two buddies. Fill in the appropriate box on the Registration form.

2. Cancellations and Refunds: In case of cancellation because of illness or family emergency, please contact the Camp Registrar at 989-883-2501.

3. Financial Aid: Most churches provide some measure of financial assistance. Talk with your camp coordinator or pastor about scholarship funds within your church. Bay Shore Camp membership Churches are granted a $10.00 discount per camper registration. Call the camp office for more information on how your church can become a membership church. Information on Pricing Initiatives can be found on the back of the Registration Form. Campers in need of further financial assistance should contact the Camp Registrar and ask for a Scholarship Form and more information on our Work for Scholarship opportunities.

4. Insurance: Bay Shore Camp has liability insurance only. All accident or medical expenses are the reponsiblity of the camper’s parent or guardian. Staff will make every effort to consult the parent/guardian regarding medical treatment for accident or illness. Campers’ personal property is not insured. Bay Shore Camp and the Detroit Conference, Untied Methodist Church are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

5. Visitors: Experience has taught that visiting campers is usually not a good idea. If a camper is struggling with homesickness, our staff will attempt to meet their needs before calling home.

6. Visitors must check in at the camp office: Under NO circumstances are non-program people allowed into the campground unaccompanied. This is for the safety and security of everyone.

7. Camper Leave: Camp programming is built around “small group” experience, something that takes time to develop. to facilitate this, campers are NOT PERMITTED to leave and return to camp. We value the presence of you child and pray that you intend to have your child experience Bay Shore Camp fully.

8. Camper Mail: Campers love mail! to make sure your camper gets mail as directly as possible, address letters to:

Camper Name, Camp Attending (i.e Sr. High)
c/o Bay Shore Camp
P.O. Box 624
Sebewaing MI 48759

Please mail early enough so that your camper will be here when it arrives. Late mail will be forwarded to campers’ homes. DO NOT send food, candy or gum. 

9. Camper E-Mail:You may e-mail your camper once each day. Please DO NOT send any attachments. Put the camper’s name in the subject line and mail to campermail@bayshorecamp.org

10. Camper Clothing and Swimwear: In general, camper dress and swimwear should be clean, modest and reflect good taste. Bay shore Camp requires shoes to be worn at all times when on the grounds, except in designated areas. More details will come through the mail, prior to camp.Parent Notification Policy

Any injury or illness requiring treatment at a medical facility.
Any injury that may require stitches or x-rays.
An illness that requires an overnight stay in the Nurse’s Station.
An illness or injury that does not respond to treatment as provided by the Standard Treatment Procedures of Bay Shore Camp after a reasonable amount of time.
Suspected infectious disease.
Behavior deemed dangerous to the camper or others.
Excessive disruptive behavior or bullying.