JULY 30- AUGUST 5, 2022


I will sing and make melody. Awake, my soul!

Psalm 108:1b (NRSV)
Family Camp 2022

Welcome To Family Camp!

Greetings from the Root Family!

Welcome to Family Camp 2022! This year we invite you to “Awake” your soul to sing and make melody to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is worthy of our praise! And this is a call to so much more than just music (although we always enjoy great music at Family Camp!).  So please plan to come and awake anew to what God wants to do in your heart, your life, your family, and even your community as we draw unto Him with a posture of praise and a heart open to new life.

We are pleased to be able to serve for the 4th time as your camp deans. We are hoping for some help through the week from former Bay Shore summer staffers in our family – our daughter Aubrey and her new husband, Jesse Stark (who will be married at Bay Shore on June 4!). We will most likely not see Jeffrey & Haley this year at Camp – at the time of this writing, Jeffrey is in Basic Training for the U.S. Navy and as of yet we don’t know where they will be stationed. They were married at Bay Shore last October. We hope your family, like ours, finds Bay Shore to be a special place year after year! 

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Sunday Night to Friday Night Evangelist

Pastor Tim Johnson

Pastor Tim Johnson

Pastor Tim Johnson

Pastor Tim has been in ministry for 25 years, of which 17 of those have been spent pastoring Pfrimmer’s Chapel UMC in Corydon, Indiana.  He also serves as the senior coach and co-founder of The Joshua Center, a ministry of coaching and training leaders that reaches into four continents.      

Pastor Tim is married to Pam and together have three adult children:  a son, Taylor, and daughter-in-law, Colleen; and two daughters, Merritt and Olivia.  They also have a small pony (otherwise known as a Great Dane) named Meshach.

Worship Leader

Adam Arnold

Adam Arnold grew up as a Bay Shore Camp kid and it was at camp that he first experienced the love and presence of Jesus. After giving his heart to Christ at camp, Adam went on to follow the calling to lead worship; having led at various camps, retreats, churches, and events, for the past two decades. Leading from a heart of simplicity and authenticity, Adam encourages the congregation to sing along and join all of creation in singing God’s praises. Through worship, Adam desires to lead people into the presence of God, gaining a better understanding of who He is and what He has done. Adam serves at Radiant Church and lives in Bay City, MI with his wife Laura and sons, Ira and Noel.

Featured Guests

To Be Announced

Saturday Night Evangelist

The Shepherd and The Shrink

In late 2019 Dr. Marty Fletcher teamed up with Dr. Matt Hook to respond to the growing mental health crisis. Their goal is to help people create healthy spiritual lives in order to restore meaning and purpose to individuals, families, and communities. Psychology meets spirituality. To meet this goal, Dr’s Fletcher and Hook cohost a podcast called The Shepherd and The Shrink and team-preach in their community.

Dr. Marty Fletcher is the founder of Renew Hope Counseling.  He is a fully licensed clinical psychologist and holds advanced degrees in clinical psychology and education.  He focuses on treating anxiety disorders and depression.  His treatment approach involves quickly reducing symptoms while helping patients design and maintain health-promoting lifestyles.  Dr. Fletcher is a husband to Kathy and dad to 3 sons and one daughter.  His interests include fitness, guitar, motorcycles, mountain biking, and exploring the role of spirituality in health.

Dr. Matt Hook is the Senior Pastor at Dexter UMC. This involves preaching and mutual discipleship with others in their multi-campus church and community. That means doing life together and providing as many ministry opportunities for as many people as possible. He loves God and he loves people, and in his role, he gets to do both! Matt, his wife Leigh, and their four children have had the opportunity to minister in many different countries and to host children from around the world through his work in World Methodist Evangelism.

Sunday Morning Evangelist

Reed Swanson

Reed is the senior pastor at Arise UMC in Pinckney and a long-time part of the Bay Shore family.  Reed was born and raised in Clarkston, Michigan, graduated from Methodist College in NC, and got his Master of Divinity from Duke University. Before entering ordained ministry, Reed worked for three years as a movie theater manager, spent three years in the US Army JAG Corps, and served ten years in youth and camping ministry (where I met his wife Juliana). Reed has been married to Juliana since April 25, 1992. They have three children, Will (22) serving in the US Army, Grace (20) junior at Calvin College, and Joy (15) freshman in high school.

Bible Study

Bible Study Times

9:00AM - 10:15AM

10:30AM - 11:45AM

Travis Rae

Travis is a husband, dad and pastor. He lives in Holland Michigan with his wife and two children. He has been in full time ministry for over ten years serving in different roles ranging from family ministry, college ministry, discipleship ministry and now helps to lead a multi church movement with churches in different states and countries. He is passionate about family, faith and helping people on their life journey. 

Follow him on Instagram: @travis_rea (

Learn more about the Ministry he lead:

Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Brown received his Ph.D. in Missiology in 2021 from Concordia Theological Seminary. He has been married to Krista Brown for 26 years and they have 8 children and 3 grandchildren. 

Pastor Tim Johnson

Pastor Tim has been in ministry for 25 years, of which 17 of those have been spent pastoring Pfrimmer’s Chapel UMC in Corydon, Indiana.  He also serves as the senior coach and co-founder of The Joshua Center, a ministry of coaching and training leaders that reaches into four continents.      

Pastor Tim is married to Pam and together have three adult children:  a son, Taylor, and daughter in-law, Colleen; and two daughters, Merritt and Olivia.  They also have a small pony (otherwise known as a Great Dane) named Meshach.

Eric Mulanda

Pastor Eric Mulanda Nduwa is from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a country that was formerly known as Zaire. He is married to Corinne Mafo who is also a Congolese and a nurse by profession. They have two boys whose names are Blessed Mulanda and Jossiah Mulanda.  Pastor Eric currently is serving as the senior pastor at Mount Hope United Methodist in the Lansing District. He has served God and God’s community in different countries such as Congo-Kinshasa, Zimbabwe, Germany and the United States. 

  • Study 1 - Travis Rae in the Tabernacle at 9:00AM

    Travis will be leading a Bible study entitled “On Repeat” focusing on the New Testament where Jesus did and said things more than once. Where does Jesus go repeatedly? How does He repeatedly spend His time? With whom does Jesus spend His time? There exists no better friend, teacher, coach, or companion than Jesus. The more closely we imitate Him, the better. Athletes, surgeons, pilots, members of the military and law enforcement do repetitive motions/scenarios to build muscle memory (even in the brain) and reflexive responses. These internalized repetitions become building blocks so that when new or different situations present themselves, the same person is able to make connections to previously learned knowledge and behaviors, becoming even more agile. Looking at what Jesus says and does “On Repeat” allows us to peer into His priorities, what He thinks is most important in a 24-hour day. It This study will be discussion based, full of application and prayer around the topic of Jesus’s ministry on repeat.

  • Study 2 - Dr. Michael Brown in Patton Lodge at 9:00AM

    In our Bible study, we will be exploring the early church and how they engaged in missions. To facilitate this, we’ll be looking at passages in the book of Acts and in Paul’s letters. We pray that God might help us learn lessons about missiology from the example of these early Christians.

  • Study 3 - Pastor Tim Johnson in the Tabernacle at 10:30AM

    How to walk by faith through missteps, mishaps & mistakes. Most of us stumble or even fall on our faith journey. How do we get back on track? As the Israelites walked out of Egypt and headed toward the Promised Land, they landed in the space in between. Ingratitude, irritation, inconsistency, idleness, and idolatry tripped them up. This study in Exodus will teach us how to live well throughout our individual wilderness experiences.

  • Study 4 - Eric Mulanda in Patton Lodge at 10:30AM

    I have come to believe that “bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers”. God does not want us to pray weak prayers. God does not want us to pray “get by” prayers. God does not want us to limit our requests to things that are not a big deal. God likes it when you ask for the Red Sea to part. God likes it when you, like Joshua, stand and point to the sun and pray that it would standstill. God stops the whole universe because someone prayed a BOLD PRAYER in faith.

Weekday Meals


(All you can eat. Beverages included.)
$8 / person
  • $4 Kids 5 to 11
  • Free Kids 4 and under


(All you can eat. Beverages included.)
$9 / person
  • $5 Kids 5 to 11
  • Free Kids 4 and under


(All you can eat. Beverages included.)
$10 / person
  • $6 Kids 5 to 11
  • Free Kids 4 and under

Kids Programming

Registration Form

Download the kids registration form.

Waiver Form

Download the Waiver form.

All kids newborn to 18 years old must be registered.

FULL-TIME: $45 for the week
PART-TIME: $10 per day
MAXIMUM FAMILY FEE: $160 for the week

God Squad, JR. High, & SR. High

Amanda Fowler

Amanda Fowler currently serves as Lead Pastor at Canton Wesleyan Church in Canton, NC. Prior to accepting a lead role in 2021, she served as a Youth and Kids Pastor for 11 years in NC and MI. She was Ordained in The Wesleyan Church in 2012. Amanda has years of experience leading, organizing and speaking at camps. Amanda believes a relationship with Jesus and going to church should never be boring.  This means engaging kids on their level in a high energy, relevant environment that leaves them wanting more of Jesus.

In her free time, Amanda loves gaming with her husband Josh, daughter Joey (14) and son Kazuo (6).  As a family, they love the adventures they find within the NC mountains.

Michael Kemp

Michael Kemp will be serving as the junior high evangelist at Family Camp this Summer. He brings with him his wife Lindsey and daughter Leah who was born this past September. They are excited to have the opportunity to share the love of Christ at camp. Michael currently works for Bluewater Thumb Youth For Christ in the Unionville-Sebewaing and Owendale-Gagetown school districts. He is passionate about building relationships with students and developing them into Christ centered leaders to be sent out into the world. 

Don Mecomber

Don Mecomber has served as the student minister at Novesta Church of Christ in Cass City for the past 4 years. His favorite way to fill any free time is by playing board games, soccer, and ping pong. Simply put, he is just a Jesus follower striving to both grow closer to and glorify God in everything he does. Don and his wife, Amanda, along with their four children, love Bay Shore and are excited to be a part of the youth team at Family Camp again this year!

Infants to First grade

Note: Group divisions are made according to the grade your child will enter in the fall

  • PINK BANNER – Infant to Tykes (ages 0-2 years)
  • LIGHT BLUE BANNER – Toddlers (ages 2-3 not yet potty trained)
  • PURPLE BANNER – Lord’s Lambs (3 year-olds)
  • YELLOW BANNER – Kiddie Kampers (4 year-olds)
  • BLUE BANNER – Joyful Juniors (Kindergarten)
  • RED BANNER – King’s Kids (1st grade)

Jesse Karls - Youth Dean

Jesse Karls is back for his 17th year serving as the director of Impact Student Ministries! He grew up attending Bay Shore Camp, spent 12 years serving as a youth pastor, and now works as a missionary in the marketplace proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen. Jesse loves God and loves people (particularly youth). He and his wife, Jenn, have 5 kids: Josiah, Abby, Levi, Benjamin, and Naomi, and reside in the Chicago area.

Sarah Brooks - Kids Dean

Sarah grew up attending many events and activities offered by Bay Shore Camp where she learned at an early age to stay focused on Jesus and rooted in Christ. The grounds of Bay Shore have always defined safety to Sarah, especially in regards to her trust of Jesus. Now as a mom, she desires her daughters and other children know the safety of Jesus’ love and protection of being rooted in Him.

Ruthie Chinery - Ministry Intern

Ruthie Chinery is beyond excited to serve as the IMPACT youth intern for Family Camp 2022! This will be her fifth year attending Family Camp, but she feels like she’s been coming all her life. She will be entering her sophomore year at Hillsdale College in the Fall of 2022 where she is currently studying History and German in pursuit of a law degree.

Typical Daily Schedule

Tentative daily schedule is subject to change due to weather and availability. Please download the APP to stay up-to-date.