What is Family Camp going to look like?

A Letter to Family Camp from the Executive Director

Dear Family Camper,

We are so excited!  The 110th Anniversary of Bay Shore is upon us.  We know that we will be welcoming many of you back to camp after a cautious absence last year.  We missed you and look forward to seeing you here this year.

This has been a difficult year trying to navigate and understand the ever-changing state requirements related to Summer Camp operations.  While the Governor lifted all the Michigan Health and Human Services mandates late in June, Summer Camps fall under different licensing requirements.  Per our State Licensing Agency, we’re now referencing the CDC guidelines for Summer Camp Operations for our children and youth summer camps. 

Family Camp Operations do not fall under our Summer Camp Licensing Guidelines.  After consulting with our local health department, here’s our position on providing a safe and healthy Family Camp experience:

  1. Please do not come to camp if you’ve been feeling sick.  Please familiarize yourself with the symptoms of Covid-19 and monitor you and your family’s health.  If you become sick while you’re here, please notify the office and consider seeking medical attention or cut your visit short and go home.
  2. Like last year, we’ll worship in a tent, just to the East of the Tabernacle; you won’t be able to miss it.  Bring a comfortable chair or use one that will be provided.  Bible Studies will also be conducted in a tent.
  3. We will check the temperatures of children and youth participating in the children and youth ose programs. For this consideration, no mask will be required.  
  4. Masks do provide an extra layer of protection so feel free to wear one free from judgement of others.
  5. We have lightened our dining hall restrictions, but meals will still be served cafeteria style with limited self-serve items. “To Go” containers are available for those who desire them.  We will control the flow of people into the dining hall.  Masks will not be required in the dining hall. As a courtesy, please ask before joining others at a table.  Please wash or sanitize your hands before meal times.
  6. Proper handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer is encouraged. 
  7. Please be flexible in the event we need to adjust or adapt to changing conditions; your health and safety are our first priority.

Again, we are so happy to be welcoming you back to Bay Shore for a week of Family Camp. It will be good to see you againWe are pleased that we have remained open throughout the pandemic (except at times when we were not permitted to be open), and we are especially thankful that we have been able to do it Covid-Free. Your help and cooperation will help us keep it that way.

We look forward to continuing this long standing tradition and can’t wait to provide a life-changing Family Camp for you this summer!

By the way, I have been vaccinated and look forward to a handshake or a hug.

Peace and Blessings,

Jeff Parsons
Executive Director