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Welcome To Family Camp!

Bay Shore Camp is a place where many receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. It’s also a place to be built up in Him and strengthened in the faith.

Family Camp is a place to overflow with thankfulness and is specifically designed for families to be rooted in Christ! Have you noticed that shallow faith seems acceptable all around you? Our faith needs to be deepened.

The Harbin family first came to Bay Shore Family Camp in 1997. We have roots here. Deep roots. Through the fertile soil at Bay Shore, our family’s relationship with Christ and one another has been cultivated. Individually, our family has served as camp counselors, camp deans, camp staff, and on the board of directors deepening roots and relationship, making many memories.

We pray new families come and grow their roots at Family Camp. We hope returning families will be built up and strengthened. The children, youth, and adult gatherings are all staffed and programmed to help you live out Colossians 2:6-7 as a family.

Sunday Night to Friday Night Evangelist

2017 Family Camp Evangelist

Dave and his wife Christy have two adult children Christopher and Kimberly, and five grandchildren. Christopher is married to Michelle and have three of Dave’s grandchildren Trace, Maya and Jillian. Kimberly is married to Pastor Chris Beall and they have the other two grandchildren, Mason and Mckenna.
Dave serves as Sr. Pastor at Nappanee Missionary Church. Nappanee averages 3400 in worship attendance, have completed several building projects, and has launched a satellite campus. Dave is highly involved at Bethel College and World Gospel Mission. He has spoken in many countries; Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Kenya, Canada, Russia, and Finland. He is a popular speaker at Brown City Missionary camp. Dave’s preaching will focus on the ROOTED theme – challenging you to a deeper relationship with Jesus and positively affecting your personal and family life.




Mike Norton

In 1980 I committed my life to Christ at a community crusade in Alpena, a few years later I answered the call to ministry. I attended Asbury Theological Seminary and married Sue. We have been rooted at Bay Shore Camp since the late 1980’s deaning Primary and Soccer camps. We have four married children and five grandchildren. I’ve served as pastor at the Heritage United Methodist Church, Trinity UMC in Sebewaing, and Friendship Church in Canton, which recently opened a second campus in Shelby Twp. Sue and I enjoy monthly family gatherings, camping, and hosting friends and church members on our sailboat – the Golden Child.


Kevin Harbin

When I served as Pastor of the Fairgrove and Gilford United Methodist Churches I was introduced to Bay Shore Camp. Some of my best memories of fun and significant spiritual growth has come through Bay Shore Camp. Moving on to St. Charles, Imlay City, Swartz Creek, and now Fraser UMC’s where I have consistently encouraged Bay Shore Camp’s year round ministries. I love being a husband and dad. I love Jesus and serving Him wherever he sends me. In my spare time I enjoy exercising and playing sports, especially table tennis.

Daily Bible Studies

Dave Enbrecht
Nehemiah: Raising the Level of your Leadership
Dave Enbrecht
9am in the Tabernacle

Whether at home, business, church, or even when it comes to self-leadership, Nehemiah is a great mentor for raising the level of your leadership. From vision to strategy, from team building to learning how to stand alone, Nehemiah models leadership at the highest level. Everyone gains when a leader grows. The key to healthy families, healthy churches, and effective teams is a growing leader. Let’s explore together what the next level of leadership looks like!

Ellen Harbin
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly:
a study in Genesis where a good God meets messy lives

Ellen Harbin
9am in Patton Lodge

Is your past bad? Is something in your present ugly? Our good God knows how to handle messy lives – no matter how bad, ugly, disobedient, confused or broken. This study from Genesis demonstrates what happens when the grace of God and the hand of God intervene in a life. Jesus loves to redeem the bad, restore the ugly, renew the disobedient, refocus the confused and rebuild the broken.

Dr. Blake Neff
Holy Living in Modern America
Dr. Blake Neff
10:30am in the Tabernacle

Have you discovered that Christians are being moved to the margins in modern America? This study will look at ‘How do we behave as the people of God from this strange and new vantage point?’ Expect five days around such topics as “When Salt Loses it Savor” “Appointment to Remnant” “Strategies of the Remnant” “Temptations of the Remnant” and “Investments of the Remnant”.

Matt & Leigh Hook
Unity. Humility. Joy: A Rebel’s Guide – A Study on Philippians
Matt & Leigh Hook
10:30am in Patton Lodge

The Apostle Paul lived his life for Jesus as a rebel, renegade, and troublemaker for God. He was single, broke, often homeless, and so hated that he was even run out of towns after being beaten. Paul writes this favorite letter from a Roman jail. In the midst of all that, he writes with warmth, joy and wisdom encouraging Christ-followers in joy, thanksgiving, humility, unity, advancing the gospel, perseverance. Come dive in deep with a familiar letter that has insights for us in today’s world, led with humor, truth, & honesty.

Musical Guest

Matt Hook

Matt Hook

The Tabernacle will make a joyful noise as Matt leads us with both historic and contemporary worship songs. Matt is Sr. Pastor at Dexter United Methodist Church which has exploded with growth under his leadership. Matt provides a joyful presence that causes worship to be uplifting.

Aaron Tuscherer

Aaron Tuscherer

The choir members asked and received. Aaron returns for his third year! Come expecting to sing a variety of songs that bless God, the singer, and all in the tabernacle. Aaron serves his church in a variety of worship and music capacities. He knows how to use worship through engaging and uplifting music. ––Choir members and their families are encouraged to eat first in the Dining Hall to be ready for choir practice. Dinner at 5:00pm. Choir rehearsal at 5:30pm each night

For the KIDS

Children will be organized into the following Bible classes
Note: Group divisions are made according to the grade your child will enter in the fall


Infant to Tykes (ages 0-2 years)


Toddlers (ages 2-3 not yet potty trained)

Purple Banner

Lord’s Lambs (3 year-olds)


Kiddie Kampers (4 year-olds)


Joyful Juniors (Kindergarten)


King’s Kids (1st grade)

All kids newborn to 18 years old must be registered.

FULL-TIME: $30 for the week
PART-TIME: $7 per day
$125 for the week


Earl and Kimberly Long have a passion for young people. They desire to see kids and teens receive Christ, grow in the Lord and then become great Christian leaders who are reaching out and leading others to Christ.Earl and Kimberly are full time entertainers/evangelists and have performed several hundred shows up and down the East Coast, Mid West and in the Bahamas and in over 100 venues including schools, churches, camps, civic auditoriums and on cruise ships. They have performed in venues with Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, Superchic[k], Big Daddy Weave, Shane and Shane, Skillet, Bebo Norman, Natalie Grant, Nicole C. Mullen, Sanctus Real, Grits, Ricky Skaggs, Starfield and Aaron Shust.

This summer they will bring to Bay Shore Camp – “Superhero Training Academy – Finding The Superpower Within You.” Through all of the fun with magic tricks, balloon twisting, juggling, skits, storytelling, costumes and puppets, we will look at God’s power and help kids understand how they can allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through them. We will look at Superheroes of the Bible and see how God worked through them. They will learn 1 John 4:4 (CEV) which states, “Greater is He who is in us than he that is in the world.”

Sr. High Teacher Aaron Hemphill

Since the age of 9 Aaron sensed God wanted him to be a missionary. He serves with his wife, Christy as Wycliffe Bible Translators promoting literacy and minority language preservation among the Me’phaa people of southern Mexico. A graduate of Wheaton college, Aaron served as an officer in the Army. He has served as a youth group leader for years. He comes ready to serve with his wife and three kids; Jennalie (12), Braeden (10) and Marissa (8). In his free time Aaron likes to go running, write programs using Excel macros, and play nerdy German strategy games.

Jr. High Teacher Kaycee Clark

Kaycee has been the Associate Youth Director at Ames United Methodist Church for five years. She loves to empower youth to make life changing decisions for Christ. Kaycee loves talking about real life issues youth are facing and how they can overcome these obstacles. She is rooted at Bay Shore Camp having grown up here as a camper and then served as counselor for many years in Jr. & Sr. High Camp and Jr. Music Camp. Youth can come expecting a jaw-dropping, fun time.


  • Saturday BBQ
  • $1000person
  • Sunday Roast Beef
  • $1200person
  • Breakfast
  • $600person
  • Basic Lunch
  • $600person
  • Premium Lunch
  • $800person
  • Basic Dinner
  • $700person
  • Premium Dinner
  • $900person
*Kids 5 to 11 years old are half price.
Kids 4 and under are FREE

Daily Schedule


8:00am ……… RV Check-in Starts
2:00pm ……… Housing Check-in Starts
5:00pm ……… Dinner
6:30pm ……… Pre-Service Prayer
……… Nursery Opens
6:45pm ……… Worship Service
9:00pm ……… Ice Cream Parlor

MORNING: 7:15am - 2:00pm

7:15am ……… Prayer Room
8:00am ……… Breakfast
8:45am ……… Nursery Opens
9:00am ……… Bible Study/
……… Children’s Programs
10:15am ……… Cookie/Coffee Break
10:30am ……… Bible Study
12:00pm ……… Lunch
1:00pm ……… Camp Wide Rest Time
……… Adult Swim
*2:00pm ……… Annual Board Meeting (SUNDAY)
2:00pm ……… Camp Activities (SEE LIST per day)

Mon. 3pm-4:30pm,
Sun. & Tues.-Fri. 2pm-4:30pm

Sun., Tues.-Fri. 2pm-4:30pm / Mon. 3pm-4:30pm
Inflatables (SUN.)
Family Frenzy Scavenger Hunt (MON.)
Water World (WED.)
Tie Dye* (SUN. & TUES.)
– *18 and under Free shirt
– *19 and up shirt for a Donation
Zipline (TUES., WED. & THURS.)
Family Olympics (WED.)
Laser tag (TUES. & THURS.)
Talent Show (THURS.)
Paintball (FRIDAY)
Carnival (FRIDAY)

5:00pm - 9:00pm

5:00pm ……… Dinner
5:30pm ………Choir Practice
6:30pm ……… Pre-Service Prayer
……… Nursery Opens
6:45pm ……… Worship Service
*9:00pm …….. Camp-wide Bonfire (MONDAY ONLY)
9:00pm ……… Ice Cream Parlor (Except MON.)
……… Young Adults Group (SUN., TUES., & THURS.)


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