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JULY 30th - AUGUST 5th

Welcome To Family Camp!

Welcome to Family Camp! Our family’s legacy of attending Family Camp began in 1997 where we arrived with four children under the age of 7. Today those children are all 21 years of age and older. Through adoption our family increased by two in 2010. Since 1997 we have not missed a year. A legacy began and as a family we are a part of the heritage story at Bay Shore Camp. Even more important is the spiritual legacy and heritage our family gets to pass on. Significant spiritual decisions have been made as we draw closer to God during this week. As parents we desire to pass on the legacy of a place called Bay Shore Camp and the person named Jesus Christ.

You have a legacy and heritage at Bay Shore, too. Maybe it’s been longer or perhaps a shorter period of time. Maybe this will be your first year at Family Camp – your legacy begins.

This year those two words LEGACY & HERITAGE are the focus. You will also notice a different slate of speakers and music leaders scheduled for Saturday night and Sunday morning. This idea was birthed out of necessity and will breathe new life into family camp. 2016 Family Camp is going to be good because our great God is awesome and good and His Son, Jesus is the center of Bay Shore Camp.

~ Kevin and Ellen Harbin (Family Camp Deans)


2016 Family Camp Preacher

Tom Harmon and his wife Joyce, of 45 years, are a part of Bay Shore’s legacy as Tom has been the preacher for Family Camp in the past. Tom grew up in a Christian home and trusted Christ at an early age. Tom says, “I regret to say that most of the early years of my journey I did not walk in the ways of the Lord.” In high school Tom was an athlete and later attended Northern Michigan University on a four-year, full-ride athletic scholarship playing football and graduating with a bachelor of science degree. In 1973 Tom graduated from the Michigan State Police Academy and was a trooper for eleven years. In 1984 Tom sensed God’s call on his life to preach and resigned from the state police. For a few years Tom pastored but God had a unique plan for this man and he became a full-time itinerant preacher. For 25 years Tom has been a speaker in churches, camps, and Bible conferences. His life’s verse is Philippians 3:10.



Lewis “Lew” Tibbits

Lew Tibbits

Lew is not stranger to Bay Shore Camp or the Thumb of Michigan. He grew up in Huron County and graduated from Elkton High School. Lew was the first Executive Director at Bay Shore Camp serving from 1981 – 2008. Celebrating the heritage of Bay Shore Camp is difficult to do without Lew and his wife Gerry, who on their own have left a legacy.

Lew and Gerry met in 1958 when her dad came to pastor the church were Lew worshiped. They were married in 1962. Lew and Gerry have influenced many children, youth and adults to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Justin Kuhl

Justin Kuhl

Justin Kuhl was raised in Sebewaing, MI. He attended Spring Arbor University where he graduated in 2007 with a double major in psychology and sociology. Justin met his wife, Michelle, in college. Justin also has a master’s degree in counseling from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Justin and Michelle have two daughters, Bridgette and Selah. Justin is on staff at Son’s Life Missionary Church in downtown Sebewaing.

“I count it a real honor and privilege to be able to share God’s Word this morning at the camp that I have loved my entire life: Bay Shore!”

Daily Bible Studies

The Essentials of Faith
Tom Harmon
9am in the Tabernacle

There are five essentials of our faith that all followers of Christ should possess: Prayer, Scripture reading, awareness of your identity in Christ, Grace, The Holy Spirit. Tom will bring clarity to these five essentials.

Agents of Shield
Matt & Leigh Hook
9am in Patton Lodge

A close, humorous, and very authentic look at Scripture, the armor of God, and the power of faith brought to life for the 21st century, as seen in the book of Ephesians. What would happen if we equipped ourselves with the gifts God gives for living as Christ-followers today?

The Cross
Bonnie Caldwell
10:30am in the Tabernacle

The cross is at the center of history and prophecy. The Old Testament points forward to the cross, the Gospels lead up to and describe the cross and the rest of the New Testament points back to the cross. It is the defining moment in history! The cross and the Gospel are not just dusty facts, they are the life-line for every follower of Jesus Christ today. The Passover Foreshadows the Cross, the Prophets Foretold the Cross, the Messiah Fulfills the Cross, the Apostles Never Forgot the Cross, Follow the way of the Cross are the daily themes.

The Best Advice Available for Flourishing as a Human Being
John Lewis
10:30am in Patton Lodge

Everyone chooses who to learn from. They choose based on who they believe has the best advice on how to flourish. It’s the nature of being human. Who is the best one who can teach us to flourish? Is Jesus the singular expert on how to flourish as a human? What does he want to teach us? This class will examine the most brilliant discussion about how as the Sermon on the Mount. Anyone who follows this plan of Jesus will become whole. He said so.

Musical Guest

Matt Hook

Matt Hook

Matt Hook currently is the senior pastor at Dexter UMC in Dexter, Michigan. For years Matt has led worship in various capacities. Whether at World Methodist Evangelism events in Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Germany or stateside, Matt enjoys a wide variety of music and worship styles. One of Matt’s favorite quotes comes from C.S. Lewis’ ‘Reflections on the Psalms’ where it says, “Praise almost seems to be inner health made audible… we delight to praise what we enjoy because praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment.”.

Michelle Kuhl

Michelle Kuhl

Michelle Kuhl returns to Bay Shore where her amazing piano playing has proven to be a delight. Trained in Piano Performance at Spring Arbor University, Michelle knows how to turn a performance into an act of worship to the glory of Jesus. She also teaches and performs in various venues. Michelle is married to Justin Kuhl and mom to their two daughters.

Aaron Tuscherer

Aaron Tuscherer

Aaron Tuscherer is not only a gifted worship leader he is also a brilliant choir director. Aaron will bring his extensive knowledge of music to Bay Shore’s come-as-you-are choir and guide these singers to participate in worship through engaging music. Aaron directs choirs, leads worship, arranges music, plays a variety of instruments all to the glory of Jesus Christ. Join the choir for one night or the whole week. The Family Camp choir is a part of the heritage at Bay Shore Camp. ––Choir members and their families are encouraged to eat first in the Dining Hall to be ready for choir practice. Dinner at 5:00pm. Choir rehearsal at 5:30pm each night

For the KIDS

Children will be organized into the following Bible classes
Note: Group divisions are made according to the grade your child will enter in the fall


Infant to Tykes (ages 0-2 years)


Toddlers (ages 2-3 not yet potty trained)

Purple Banner

Lord’s Lambs (3 year-olds)


Kiddie Kampers (4 year-olds)


Joyful Juniors (Kindergarten)


King’s Kids (1st grade)

All kids newborn to 18 years old must be registered.

FULL-TIME: $30 for the week
PART-TIME: $7 per day
$125 for the week


Caleb Johnson is a gifted communicator who uses the art of storytelling, illusions, balloons, and mu- sic to amuse, amaze, and illustrate the message he delivers. He currently serves as the Family Pastor at Faith Family in Corunna, MI, where he creates environments and experiences that cultivate better fathers, better mothers, and stronger families.
This year he will encourage kids to STAND UP and live out their faith every day!

Sr. High Teacher Sam Burke

Sam has been a youth pastor and speak- er to teenagers for the past 15 years. He loves sharing the truth of who Jesus is with students so that they can experi- ence the love of God in their lives. He is the Next Generation Ministries Pastor at Hopevale Church in Saginaw, Mi.

Jr. High Teacher Brian Harmon

Brian’s desire is to share the gospel with those who probably won’t nd themselves in a church. He is a member of Covenant Life Community Church in East Lansing, Michigan, and has been on short term missions trips to Mexico, Russia, and Af- rica, along with being a camp counselor.


  • Saturday BBQ
  • $1000person
  • Sunday Roast Beef
  • $1000person
  • Breakfast
  • $500person
  • Basic Lunch
  • $500person
  • Premium Lunch
  • $700person
  • Basic Dinner
  • $600person
  • Premium Dinner
  • $800person
*Kids 5 to 11 years old are half price.
Kids 4 and under are FREE

Daily Schedule


8:00am ……… RV Check-in Starts
2:00pm ……… Housing Check-in Starts
5:00pm ……… Dinner
6:30pm ……… Pre-Service Prayer
……… Nursery Opens
6:45pm ……… Worship Service
9:00pm ……… Ice Cream Parlor

MORNING: 7:15am - 2:00pm

7:15am ……… Prayer Room
8:00am ……… Breakfast
8:45am ……… Nursery Opens
9:00am ……… Bible Study/
……… Children’s Programs
10:15am ……… Cookie/Coffee Break
10:30am ……… Bible Study
12:00pm ……… Lunch
1:00pm ……… Camp Wide Rest Time
……… Adult Swim
*2:00pm …….. Yomen Show (MONDAY ONLY)
2:00pm ……… Camp Activities (SEE LIST per day)

Mon. 3pm-4:30pm,
Sun. & Tues.-Fri. 2pm-4:30pm

Sun., Tues.-Fri. 2pm-4:30pm / Mon. 3pm-4:30pm
Inflatables (SUN.)
Water World (MON. & WED.)
Tie Dye* (MON. & TUES.)
– *18 and under Free shirt
– *19 and up shirt for a Donation
Zipline (TUES. & WED.)
Family Olympics (WED.)
Laser tag (TUES. & THURS.)
Talent Show (THURS.)
Paintball (FRIDAY)
Carnival (FRIDAY)

5:00pm - 9:00pm

5:00pm ……… Dinner
5:30pm ………Choir Practice
6:30pm ……… Pre-Service Prayer
……… Nursery Opens
6:45pm ……… Worship Service
*9:00pm …….. Camp-wide Bonfire (MONDAY ONLY)
9:00pm ……… Ice Cream Parlor (Except MON.)
……… Young Adults Group (SUN., TUES., & THURS.)


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Tabernacle Services
Daily Bible Studies

Tom Harmon

Bonnie Caldwell

Matt & Leigh Hook

John Lewis